About Us

Pacific Windows & Homes

Our customers say:

“Careful work and fair prices”

“Punctual and efficient”

“Customer satisfaction first!”

Pacific Windows is an established and fully insured company that has built itself on reputation.

We would like to have a lasting business relationship with you, as your personal low-rise window cleaning specialist.  We have an excellent track record, a committed owner/manager, and professional, skilled employees to safely and efficiently execute all low-rise window cleaning.


All employees of Pacific Windows are covered by Workers’ Compensation.



  • Our people are professional, courteous and experienced.
  • We pay attention to all corners of the windows we clean.
  • We change the water regularly to ensure a quality finished job.
  • We are always mindful of the people, environment, equipment or precious objects in the homes and businesses we enter.
  • We provide complete interior and exterior window cleaning, including partitions and removing, storing or re-installing storm windows, where necessary.

Our success is attributed to surpassing the expectations of our customers. I feel not only confident, but delighted to have the opportunity to meet your window cleaning needs.

Thank you,