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With only, a short while, We have built Pacific Windows to become Victoria's choice for top of the line window cleaning!

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Our Shine Guarantee

We are Professional Window Cleaners in Victoria B.C and we offer a Streak-Free guarantee! This means that if you see one streak, we will always come back to fix our work. NO MATTER WHAT! Window Cleaning  Victoria B.C

Respect For Your Home

From the moment we first meet, to the final payment and inspections,we will always treat your home as if it is our own! 

Victoria’s ONLY 5 Star Rating

We are proud to currently have the only 5 Star rating in Victoria for our Window and Gutter Cleaning services. 

While we offer and are proud of our Professional Window Cleaning Packages, We also offer other services to help your home SHINE.

From Gutter and Power Washing, to many other external services, we will take extreme care of your home, reviving the outer look of your home.

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A few things we’re great at

Need to know more about our services?


While we can clean with original methods, we also have invested in the newest technology to clean windows professionally. This means no more soap and an environmentally friendly clean


Is it just a good exterior wash that your home, driveway, walkway or deck needs? We can help with this as well. We also offer Soft Washing.


Whether you need a gutter wash to clean up the exterior of your home, or a good ‘ol fashioned gutter clean, we have you covered. Depending on the season, we may blow, suck


We also professionally clean Chandeliers of all sizes up to 10 feet high. If you’re not happy, we will come back to fix the issue, no matter what.

The Secret of Our Success

Here in Victoria B.C., we rely on the most modern of methods, in our quest to becoming this cities BEST window Cleaners! One such method includes the Waterfed Pole. Here are a few ways, knowing this helps you.


When using this method, we can filter down the water so fine, that when your windows dry, they will be SPOTLESS.


WHen using the Water Fed Pole, we control the amount of chemicals being rinsed back ito your garden.


Using the pole, we can control and clean effectively up to 4 stories, eliminating the need for bulky and unsafe ladder use.


Because the WFP can clean both windows, sylights, solar panels and external gutters, we can now offer more services at an affordable rate!

Client Testimonials

What some of you have said

Wow I am so impressed! Super quick and efficient clean up of my yard. Beyond friendly during correspondence. I raked and stuffed bags for days for what Cody and his wife did in 2 hours. Excellent Price. Excellent Service.

Bonnie Wooldridge


It’s great that you came out to Metchosin to do this job – It’s hard to get services here. We are happy with the quality and look forward to next time and will recommend you to others.

Heidi Bergstrom


I had Cody come and do all the windows on my home. He was very considerate, and kept in touch with me to assure me he would be at my home at the specified time. He is a real professional, very clean, friendly and effiecient. He got right to work, and hand washed all the windows. The windows had not been done in a few years and I am pleased with the job he did. His prices are so reasonable, I question why I would ever attempt to do them myself. I have even asked him to come back in 6 months, after the rainy and gloomy weather. With this nice weather, it’s easy to see any streaks and guess what, NONE! Great Job!

Wendy Monkman


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